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Product overview

Silos for light materials

Leichtstoffe wie eps

Characteristics of the Silo body:

  • made of high-tech fabric
  • highly durable
  • breathable
  • antistatic features
  • if needed ATEX-equipped
  • customized outlet
  • extraction is concepted for full discharge
  • for faster installation the Silo can be equipped with our QUICK-LOOP method

Product outline

Our long- and well-tried product is being used mostly in the insulation-, packing- and building material industry.

The design principle is a silo body made of high-strength and breathable high-tech fabric with antistatic features, that can be upgraded up to an ATEX-equipment. Pentane degassing isn’t a problem either.

We offer durability and customizability. Everything accords to customers’ requirements and is designed in a way that it empties completely, so no extra cleaning is necessary.

For even faster installation we also offer to equip our Product with the QUICK-LOOP system.

With the long-term experience that our employees have to offer you can get a complete solution out of one hand.


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